SMS Notifications

Save time and increase productivity by using Totalcare's automated two-way SMS facility. No more misdialled numbers. No more unanswered calls. No more time wasted. Let the technology allow you to attend to other duties.

Better still - with the free reply facility, existing appointments are automatically confirmed in the appointment screen when a patient chooses to confirm using the SMS option. For those appointments where a patient has replied with their own message or that they are not able to attend, a note is generated against that patient's file for follow up.

Our SMS notifications are sent via a powerful rules based engine so it is not just appointments that can be confirmed. Imagine being able to remind patients to bring their referral to an initial consultation or to remind them not to drink or eat anythng prior to their surgical procedure. 

It's almost limitless as to how clever you can be. Increase patient care by sending out follow up consultation reminders or protect your customer loyalty by just sending your patients a birthday message.

Ad-hoc messages can also be sent using the SMS functionality at a user level. Make your commitment to customer service come alive by letting a patient know that their appointment time is behind schedule or that they have left something behind.