Enterprise Billing

Best in class Billing functionality has been one of the cornerstones of Totalcare for the better part of two decades.  With function and workflow originating in the need to handle high volume general practice visits, and rapidly evolving to add full specialist, diagnostic and allied health billing, from its early days Totalcare had strong credentials for Outpatient, Surgical, Anaesthetic and Diagnostic billing.  As the scope of Totalcare grew to manage first Day Hospitals and then Overnight hospitals, so too was the Totalcare billing engine extended to support complex hospital billing for Casemix, Theatre bands, Tiered length of stay, Prosthetics, etc. 

Australian healthcare has many complex rules for determining fees and rebates.  Many of these rules determine a fee based on the occurrence or aggregate of other services.  Some Billing systems require the user to work out these calculations manually.  Totalcare performs these automatically, whether it is multiple procedure rules for surgery, assistance fee calculation, multiple visit fees, radiology rules A, B and C, pathology coning, safety net, early readmission, change of acuity or accommodation, and a multitude of other derived or complex fees.

While some vendors have products that bill and manage General practice, Specialist, Diagnostic or Hospital billing, Totalcare does all this in one integrated billing platform.  Totalcare unifies and streamlines the billing process to allow the simultaneous billing of Clinician, Diagnostic and Hospital billing.

While being able to bill is fundamental and expected, being able to bill the correct fee on a given date past or future, is a challenge for a large number of billing systems.  Totalcare does this easily and automatically and underpins this with access to 20+ years of public and private fee schedules.

While many would consider billing quickly, easily and correctly for multiple billing types exceptional, for us this is just the bedrock on which Totalcare’s Enterprise billing support is constructed.  Totalcare’s Enterprise billing goes beyond the mainstream and adds support for,

  • Multiple company structures
  • Same item, same fee type, same date, different provider, location or cost centre = different fee, same process
  • Consolidated and/or Satellite Banking
  • Breakdown by Provider, Location, Unit, Department, Subunit, Zone and Base
  • HL7 interfaces
  • Financial extracts and integrations
  • Exception reporting

Enterprise Billing Clients

So how do some of our clients use these Enterprise features?

A national specialist group
Leverages Totalcare’s multiple company structure to separate their franchise and corporate operations.  Centrally hosted, with call centre management, the company structures allow individual reporting and management of the franchises within the larger IT infrastructure of the corporate organisation
A publicly listed hospital organisation
Hosts Totalcare in their data centre, leverages the multiple company structure to independently manage many of their hospitals across Australia, and has instituted state based billing hubs to manage their complex service billing.
A national private day hospital group
Runs Totalcare centrally and leverages Totalcare’s billing engine to support different health fund contract rates at each facility and simultaneously bills their specialist practice and hospital facility fees.
A public health service
Uses a centralised installation of Totalcare for their public hospitals, to manage their billing across their diagnostic, outpatient clinics, clinical trials, and specialist services.  With HL7 interfaces to the PAS and Departmental systems, financial extracts for GL and exception reporting to detect PAS episodes that haven’t been billed, Totalcare supports this organisation's continuous improvement process.


Comprehensive.  Powerful.  Fast.  Flexible.  Scalable.  Evolving.  Proven.  

Enterprise Partners

The Totalcare Billing engine is increasingly finding a place as the engine of choice for a number of US and European software solutions.  If your PAS, RIS, LIS, or other medical software does not have billing functionality appropriate for the complex demands of Australian healthcare, perhaps you or your vendor would be happy to work with us to create an integrated best of breed solution.  That's been the decision of a number of large multinational corporations, who have selected Equipoise International and Totalcare as their Australian partners.