Totalcare Clinicals

The core Totalcare suite can be extended by adding Electronic Medical Record capability. The Totalcare Clinical module Totalcare Clinicals "Mozart", is used to record and manage patients’ medical records.

Some of the features include,

  • Script writing with integrated Drug, Allergy, Pregnancy and Elite athlete interaction checking.
  • Drug information including full and abbreviated MIMS and CMI (Consumer Medicine Information).
  • Pathology, Radiology and other diagnostic requests using printed request forms and electronic HL7 orders.
  • Pathology, Radiology and other diagnostic reports received electronically in HL7 and PIT formats.
  • Protocol based prescribing and ordering
  • Integrated letter writing and document management.
  • Problem, History, and Observation tracking.
  • Clinical calculators including BMI, Gestatation and Spirometry.
  • Electronically send Clinical documents via secure messaging carriers such as Medical Objects and Argus
  • Electronic Visit slips that interface with Totalcare Billing
  • Surgical Audit
  • Multiple Dashboards
  • A Meta modelled medical record (Totalcare Clinicals m3R). Totalcare Clinicals uses this design to make the patient’s electronic medical record configurable, extensible.
  • Security control by User, User group or Security Level for each EMR Entry
  • All changes to the EMR record are audited and the entire history of changes can be displayed
  • Patient or Provider view. Totalcare Clinicals supports the display of an individual patient’s medical record, and a Provider Workbench that allows a clinician to manage their own workflow and patients on a population basis.
  • Configuration and Personalisation by Workstation, User, Organisational structure
  • Integration with other Totalcare modules such as Appointments, Waitroom and Queues.


Screenshot - New Clinical Document

New Document

Screenshot - Prescription screen Wizard

Prescription wizard

Screenshot - Cumulative Pathology Graph

Cumulative Pathology Graph

Screenshot - Image comparison

Image comparison