Accounts Workbench

The workbench screen is an enhanced workflow tool that provides a single operational view of unprinted invoices. Key features allow users to,

  • Monitor billing status by financial stream or third party debtor using filter criteria.
  • Simple workflow to manage the adjustment, alteration, discounting, printing and viewing of invoices.
  • The Debtor selector stores a most recent list of selected third party debtors and is reinitialized each time the Workbench screen is opened.
  • Multiple invoices can be selected for printing.
  • The Workbench screen is supported by a set of Workbench preferences. The screen can be preference set to open on start up if the Workbench screen is chosen as a Startup Screens preference.
  • View can be displayed at group, user or workstation level. A User is entitled to open and use the Workbench screen if they have the Account Enquiry User right.