Totalcare Office

Totalcare Office is our medical Practice Management Software for managing General, Allied Health, Specialist and Diagnostic practices.  It consists of a number of Core modules that are listed below.

As a modular software system, Totalcare Office can be extended to include Document Management, Electronic Medical records, and many other extensions.


It keeps running day after day, year after year.  When your practice and business depends on computerised information, Totalcare’s proven reliability is a stand out.  This is one of the reasons that Totalcare is used in emergency departments and clinics that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


This means that it can grow as your practice grows.  From solo practice to centralised corporate group, Totalcare has a demonstrable solution.


Using relational database technology your data is secure.  You will not end up with corrupted databases because the power failed when you were part way through a script or bill.  Totalcare automatically rolls back any partially completed work in the event of a problem. 


Each transaction in the system is stamped with a user reference and a time.  In a clinical context this allows you to identify who altered a medical record and what was changed.  In a financial context, Totalcare’s audit path effectively reduces the opportunity for internal fraud.


It can be configured to support General and Specialist practice, Radiology, Day Surgery and Hospitals even simultaneously.  From options as simple as different record numbering systems, to customised patient fields, accounts and financial periods.  Totalcare can be tailored to match your business.


20+ years of development, from humble beginnings to a multi facility, multi disciplinary suite with many extension modules. As the Australian health industry changes, so too does Totalcare.


With a consistent look and feel and method of interaction, new staff will be able to quickly learn to use the software.


You can reduce administration effort by sending and receiving electronic claims and payments.  Similarly receive your pathology and radiology reports downloaded automatically into your medical records. 


To facilitate your access to this information, Totalcare can be integrated with third party report writers, Word, Excel, or any product that supports Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC).  Use these products to extract and analyse your demographic, financial and clinical data in creative ways.